2018 has brought quite a few new trees into our garden. We’ve collected several yamadori and purchased some potted trees as well. Craigslist and Offerup have proved to be very useful resources for locating unwanted trees. Many times there are adds looking for an individual willing to remove the unwanted tree in exchange for keeping the newly removed tree. We have responded to quite a few of these adds and with a little effort, we were able to obtain several trees for free! 

A small cypress bush purchase on Offerup for $5.00.

This tree was purchased for $5 on offer up. We removed quit a bit of the foliage and discovered this awesome twisted trunk. We did a little wiring just to hold the branches in place but will most likely removed these in the spring and redo them next fall.

Citrus Tree collected from an elderly woman who could no longer keep it.

 We found this citrus tree on Craigslist (along with two others shown below) in exchange for helping her move some furniture. She claims that they have been in containers for over 30 years. The’ve been neglected for the last few years but will eventually make excellent bonsai here in the up coming years.

One of the other citrus trees collected. It has an bulge at the base that we’ll remove by air layering it this upcoming spring.
Cypress tree that we’re converting into a cascading bonsai.

 This little gem was purchased on Offerup along with a group of other trees grown in containers. they were abandoned when their owner sold their house and the new owner put them all on Offer up for a total of 10$ each one came with a nice ceramic bonsai pot. The following pictures are some of the other trees that came along with that purchase.

Sequoia grown from seed

This sequoia tree was purchased on Craigslist for $15.00 from gentleman who grew this and another sequoia from a ‘grow from seed bonsai kit’ they received for christmas a couple years ago. Sadly, the other sequoia did not survive but this one took well to it’s new container and tripled in size in just one year! We just pruned it back at the end of summer and we will repot it again this coming spring.

Tree collected at a demolition site

This tree, along with the following few trees below, were rescued from a construction site. We just simply walked up to the office on site and asked the foreman if they were saving these trees. he told us that if we dug them up we could have them! a few hours later we left the site with 6 new trees!

This black pine was purchased for $20 at a nursery

This black pine was found at a nursery that was closing its doors permanently after 30 years of business. $20.00. Not too shabby. It’s a great little addition to our garden.

2018 has certainly been a great year and we are looking forward to see what 2019 brings!